Ann Arbor deserves a great downtown library!

Please vote YES for the $65m bond proposal to provide Ann Arbor with a world-class building to match its world-class library system.

The Current Building
And its key shortcomings

"Many of the flaws now visible are the inevitable result of age, changing technologies and shifting needs and interests of the public."

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The Vision
What will it offer our community?

What will the new library offer? Why not renovate? What about eBooks? What is wrong with the current building?

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The Vote
What will it mean for you?

What is on the November 6, 2012 ballot? How much will the proposal cost me?

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The library, by the numbers.

How does this library and and its building project stack up against others?

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An Inadequate Current Building

Now is the Best Time to Build

Proven & Responsive Library Leadership

A Dynamic New Library for Everyone

The Ann Arbor District Library provides us with great value through partnerships with many of our area's arts and cultural organizations. I believe a new downtown library would offer exciting opportunities as an innovative space for collaboration, exchange and dialogue, and it would serve one of the most active, curious and engaged communities anywhere in the country.

" - Robb Woulfe, Executive Director, Ann Arbor Summer Festival: Top of the Park (Read More)

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